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WSIB Overview...

Every day there is at least one firm receiving a fine. Every day there are more than 500 injuries that are not fatal, but still injured people. Below is a chart of the injuries each year. These are non life threatening injuries that have been reported and qualify for and to WSIB. These numbers are frightening and your premiums are based on this, within your industry. The most common reports are slip, trips and falls (according to WSIB). More than 64855 people that have been hurt at work.

Site for report on injuries: and subject to the provisions described therein.

We help many firms, construction included, avoid these injuries and fines. We are not perfect either, but we have reduced claims in many firms and are proud to say we know we can help you as well. Firms are learning the hard way and that can be avoided for the most part. There are programs to not only help firms small-large, but there are ways to receive some money back.

Are you and your employees aware of the accountabilities, the legal compliance, training and certification? Regardless if you have 1 or 1,000,000 employees, you must be compliant. We know, “I’m a small home based company”, or “this has no effect on me or my company, I am just one person”. WRONG! Safety and compliance has an effect on every company.

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Our Commitment to you..

We are committed to helping firms keep people safe and aware. We are up to date and stay in the know through WSIB directly. We have WSIB certified OH&S staff through. We are able to identify potential hazards before they happen. By conducting a brief check or audit, we are able to help you and your employees stay safe.

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