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Recruitment & Selection Problems You May Be Having...

Many firms are short staffed and push their current employees too much and far. Expecting them to work more hours.They don’t have the time or resources to perform proper recruitment and selection. They know they need to hire people, fast, but not sure where to start. Since many firms are understaffed, they don’t take the time to really look at individuals they’re hiring. This is costing firms more than what needs to be spent, due to lack of experience, knowledge and actually contacting their reference, if they think they’re a fit.

Taking the time to develop and place the ad, watch it and hope for good candidates, rumish through the applications, pick the top 10 and hope they’re that missing link. Are you doing phone and face to face interviews, reference checks and if you need a background check? How is the offer legally sound? Did your perfect person accept your offer, or do a counter offer? Do you want the added expenses they’re asking for, are they this valuable that you wish to invest more? Will this person last and not waste your time and money, your investment?.

So much time and money is spent on trying to find that fit. But wait, are you falling behind on your own responsibilities? Are you trying to play catch up and only doing a half fast job? Are you finding some things are now falling between the cracks? Oh no!, you now need to re-do that report, why? You’re doing your job to the best of your ability, you’re working more hours and getting caught up……or are you?

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How We Can Help Recruit & Select Great Employees For Your Business

This is why outsourcing your recruitment and selection will give you peace of mind. You’re getting better candidates that ARE right for the job, qualified, experienced and educated and yet you only did the final interview and read the reviews/summary from a professional that focuses on this. You have been able to focus on YOUR work and produce great quality your employer expects and has been receiving from you.

Let us do the work, so that you don’t have to, and your job doesn’t suffer. Below we have outlined our step by step process that makes us a perfect match to your hiring success. Should you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us.

Recruitment and Selection Process

  • Review the clients needs and wants, review the job description
  • Develop/write and place ads that attract the right candidates for the client’s needs
  • Sift through all applications/resumes, picking the top 10
  • Email those that have been selected, notifying them of the next step and sending 2 questionnaires/tests. These must be completed within a time frame given – measuring timeliness, effectiveness and how they follow deadlines and instructions.
  • Once emails and tests are returned, they will be reviewed, along with the timeliness of the response
  • Next step is to do a face to face interview of those that responded and followed direction properly. We will ask 2-3 of the same questions as within the email to compare the responses, ensuring it was the candidate that replied and not someone else. It is a way to verify the email responder.
  • Once we have interviewed these individuals, those that make it to the next level we will then proceed with background and reference checks. We only perform a background check as needed and we will also ask for a Global background check as required for the job.
  • Evaluating the candidates with the tools we have, the top 3 are then presented to the client with a summary on the candidate. This summary will include a resume, 1-2 questions and answers asked of the candidates’ reference, both direct supervisor/manager and co-worker. This allows us to evaluate the candidate as a possible fit that much stronger.
  • Clint is given the opportunity to interview in our office, in case of confidential search or need for privacy.
  • We will then negotiate the chosen candidates’ salary with the client and get the best salary for the candidate while trying to keep costs down for the client.
  • We will draft up a contract between the client and the candidate that is lawyer approved.
  • We will continue to communicate and be in touch with both the candidate and the client ensuring both are happy and any errors or things to overcome are met and improved before the end of the 30 days.
  • We have a 30 days guarantee for free for one replacement, if the candidate left on their own accord. There are not many firms, if any, that go to the lengths we do and in a timely manner. We have a 92% success rate for a reason. We stand behind this, we are after all, professionals that care, cause we see your vision!