Policies and Procedures

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The Problem

Companies unaware of the mandatory 11 policies they must have in place in order to properly do business and be the best they can be. Start up, entrepreneur, existing firms are not aware there is documentation that proves they can be more successful with guidelines and best practices through policies and procedures that will also help keep them out of hot water with the various government bodies. With proper guidelines a firm is able to guide their customers, employees and firm to the best of their ability. There is research and documents that state when a firm is connected to an HR professional, they are more successful than without. Employees, customers and the firm itself are unaware of what is acceptable, who accountable and what are the consequences.

The Solution

Connection with HR, or better, a HR Law professional is one is the best thing a firm can do. Why is HR or HR Law important to a firm? They’re able to review and discuss with the CEO, COO and CFO the goals of a firm. This enables them to develop and design policies and procedures dedicated to the firm’s direction, goals, values and mission of the firm. Research industry standards and develop policies and procedures for the firm and it’s employees. Setting goals, values and mission for the firm with the CEO, COO and CFO will determine the direction of the firm, which is the basis for all policies and procedures. Developing policies will lead to training and development for all new and future employees, leading to the standardization and consistencies, leading to the success of the firm.

How We Can Help

Writing the policies based on the goals, values and mission of the firm and it’s future will help build better relationships with both interior and exterior clients. Policies and procedures will allow others to be aware of the firm’s expectations, accountability and disciplinary actions. Allowing policies and procedures to be introduced to all those in contact with the firm encourages professional behaviour which will be consistent throughout the firm. Reviewing policies and procedures on an annual basis ensures the firm is following legislation and laws that pertain to their direstriction, industry and customers needs. Developing a training schedule ensuring all employees are aware of the changes and kept up to date is key.