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Nature and Scope of this position:

Our client is currently looking for a Junior Application Developer to join our Oracle ADF development group. Should you be successful, you will be part of our Product Team, and will be working with a group of other Oracle ADF developers to deliver our EMDECS Fleet Maintenance Software.

Although this is an entry position, members who join us in the pursuit of their software career will still need to have formal training from a post-secondary institution on a related JEE framework such as Seam Framework with JSF faces, or better yet, Oracle ADF. The candidate will also have had class work in the area of SQL and PL/SQL, or show they have working experience with the Oracle ADF and Oracle PL/SQL technologies.

Candidates that are interviewed are expected to know the differences between the JEE scopes, the HTTP request lifecycle as well as the concepts of MVC. As part the JEE framework is java based, candidates will be well versed in Java.


  1. As part of your response, please also let us know what topics have been intentionally repeated?
  2. Name the standard JEE scopes? Bonus if you also know the ADF scopes.
  3. What is the first step of the JSF lifecycle?

Will initially start with the development of Jasper Reports to get comfortable with our Data Schema.

As part of the Jasper Reports work, the successful candidate will be exposed to Oracle ADF to create the report launcher that sits behind Jasper Reports.

Thereafter, the candidate will be introduced to the development of Read-Only applications.

Finally graduating to being able to develop CRUD based controls.

As part of this journey, the candidate will leverage not only their SQL, but also PL/SQL, Java and JEE framework knowledge.

Code will be managed in a SVN repository.

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