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HR Admin

Nature and Scope of this position:

This position resides within the recruiting division of The Staff Room. It was created to help in many capacities. Goals of this position: Ensuring that all the candidate files within the database are up to date, creating ad’s to assist in filling various positions and levels that are required by our clients and sales team. Staying up to date on unemployment rates within your delegated area(s), keeping up to date and attending all recruiting and job fair, recording attendances of candidates. Ensuring all candidates and documents used within TrackerRMS database are accurate and are up to date. Interview candidates, reference checks. Create various email blasts to candidates informing them of current open positions. Using the database solely for updating and admin purposes. Providing a weekly report to the President. This position changes on the fly and all individuals must be able to go with the flow on these changes. As clients change their needs, we need to flex to their wants.

  • Collecting candidate information
  • Interviewing
  • Ensuring proper and accurate enter of all communication into the database.
  • Placing ad’s as required
  • Reviewing resumes, Screening and presenting to manager for review
  • Corresponding and updating the database with candidates
  • Making appointments for complimentary consultations
  • Networking, attending job fairs, other various events
  • Reference checks, reports/summaries

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