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APPLICATION DEVELOPER – Video Applications Only

Nature and Scope of this position:

Our client is looking for an Application Developer to join their Oracle ADF development group. Should you be selected, you will be part of our Product Team, and will be working with a group of other Oracle ADF developers to deliver our EMDECS Fleet Maintenance Software.

In this position, the developers must be well versed in the utilization of the Oracle ADFBC layer, as well as the ADF Faces components. The ideal candidate will be able to quickly understand the underlying database model, and make the appropriate ADF code changes and related PL/SQL to deliver our software as per our software designs.

The candidate must have prior experience working in an Oracle ADF based development team. There will not be time for the candidate to brush up on taskflows, application scopes, component implementation, and the bindings that sit behind the UI View.


  1. As part of your response, please also let us know the intentional mistake that is part of this job posting?
  2. What are the ADF specific scopes beyond the JEE standard?
  3. What is the purpose of the Application Module?
  • Introduces ways to standardize our approach to Oracle ADF and Jasper Reports
  • Creates new complex JDeveloper Applications: Popups, Wizards, multi step taskflows, etc.
  • Expert Activation / Passivation Optimizer
  • Codes contextual events
  • Codes javascript escapes
  • Implements unit testing: JUnit to ensure non-UI layer code quality.
  • Can install and configure JDeveloper and Jasper Reports environment on their desktop
  • Understands the data model, and can build upon it with our data modelling standards: Tables, Sequences, Triggers, Views, Materialized Views, etc.
  • Designs Table Structures to support real-life vs. just UI. I.e. will the same structure support what people do 10 years from now, and does it fit what people did 10 years ago.
  • Strong implementation of the Our client IC architecture for distributed database communications.
  • Strong implementation of Oracle Advanced Queues and JMS Messaging.
  • Expert SQL Query Optimizer. Deeply understands Explain Plan results and recognizes what needs to be done to solve the issue vs. just trial and error.
  • Database and Application Layer Optimization.
  • Optimization of code context switching between technology. I.e. Forms / ADF Java → Database PL/SQL → SQL Context switching.
  • Interfaces with other systems: Consumption of Files, Webservices and punch-outs; Publishes files and Webservices.
  • Capability to add test cases above and beyond the cases described by design, and actively suggests design enhancements due to missing design elements. I.e. missing CRUD controls.
  • Always handles CRUD and recognizes when CRUD is missing from the design team.
  • Suggests coding standards so that everyone is working in the most efficient manner while recognizing coding methods that have a tendency to introduce bugs due to repeated work.
  • Never says: “That’s not my code”, and is always the first person to ask… “How can I help?”, and comes up with ways to permanently solve problems instead of just raising problems.
  • Exhibits “Can do” attitude and comes up with solutions, not just complaints.
  • Low level of code return from QA, especially code that breaks other code. I.e. fix one bug, but introduce another.
  • Deeply understands the human side of the customer’s business, and can place themselves in to the context of the user’s working environment to solve real-life problems.

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